Welcome to Rollenspielverein Biberach e.V. Palaver

Rollenspielverein Biberach is a club for tabletop roleplaying games, live action roleplay, board games, trading card games and miniature wargaming, located in Biberach an der Riß. The club was founded in 2002 and meanwhile is counting over 100 members.

The club has its own rooms, which are generaly available for gaming 24/7. We are located in the Haberhäuslestraße 14 in 88400 Biberach and the club house can easily be found on Google Maps.

Our rooms are in the upper floor of the building you will see on the left, when you have entered the courtyard and turn around, facing the street. We have two entries, the main entry is the white door next to the garage of our neighbouring car cleaning company, the side entrance is the wooden door you will see left, when you walk back to the driveway. Most often the side entrance is used.

We are offering several contact channels, if you are interested in our club program:

Most important is our Discord server. Here you will find most of our commuication.

On our social media channels, you will find interesting insights of our daily club life, we are active on Instagram and Facebook.

We are also available via Email, use info@rollenspielverein-biberach.de or vorstand@rollenspielverein-biberach.de addresses, you will recieve response from us as soon as possible.

Our activities are generally performed in German, though it is possible to attend many of them without advanced knowledge of German language. If necessary board games or roleplaying games as well as other activities could take place in English upon consultation.

Hope to welcome you soon!

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